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Six Sessions


This usually takes place over a six month period and is by far the best option for most to tackle their financial life with intensity. These sessions are designed to take you the distance required to get the job done. Half a year is a long time. But chances are, if you have a financial mess in your home, it likely took more than 6 months to accumulate.


Each session will last for one hour. Approximately halfway between coaching sessions we’ll connect on the phone for a 15 minute phone call. These calls will be to encourage you, challenge you, and keep you accountable. It's also a great place to ask me questions that might not have come up in our coaching session, or that have come about through your financial progress.  


By the end of six months you'll have made so much progress! The $445 you spent for help will feel very small in comparison to the progress you've made. If by the end of six sessions, you'd like further coaching, each additional session is only $75. I like to think of these sessions as maintenance sessions and they can be extremely valuable. Even if it's only once every 3 months, 6 months, or once a year.

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